Car Parts

We have 30 years of automotive experience and we stock and supply a large range of parts from suppliers such as Quinton Hazell, LUK, NGK, Bosch, First Line, etc.,.

Should you require a part for your car then please contact us with your vehicles full UK registration and we will provide you with a competitive quote. T 01214231637 e

  • Brake Parts - Pads, Discs, Shoes,Calipers, Cylinders, Hoses
  • Clutch Parts - Clutch Kits, Slave Cylinders
  • Cooling & Heating - Water Pumps, Hoses, Thermostats, Air Conditioning, Sensors, Radiators & Caps
  • Electrical - Alternators, Batteries, Relays, Starter Motors, Switches & Sensors
  • Engine Parts - Belts, Chains, Tensioners, Idlers, Pulleys, Gaskets, Seals
  • Exhausts - Catalytic Converters, DPFs, Silencers, Down Pipes
  • Filters - Air, Oil, Fuel, Cabin/Pollen
  • Ignition - Leads, Coils, Spark Plugs, Glow Plugs
  • Fuel & Engine Management - Fuel Pumps, Lambda Sensors, EGR Valves, MAP Sensors, Cam Sensors, Crank Sensors, ABS Sensors, Oil Pressure Switches, etc.,
  • Steering & Suspension - Shock Absorbers, Coil Springs, Tailgate Struts, Steering Racks, PAS Pumps, Wishbones, Track Rod Ends, Stabiliser Bars
  • Transmission - CV Boots, CV Joints, Drive Shafts, Wheel Bearing Kits
  • Wipers - Blades, Motors, Washer Bottles, Pumps
  • Wing Mirrors - Complete Units, Replacement Glass
  • Light Units - Headlamps, Rear Clusters, etc.,
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